Thinking about a central Ohio home builder

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Building a Home

Providing the right home is one of the most important decisions that you will make for your family.

You’re likely looking through magazines and Pinterest for ideas, and collecting images that will inspire this exciting feat in your life. However, there are many components to consider when you’re finding the right Central Ohio home builder to build your dream house.

What are the things you should be thinking about when building your new home that social media may not challenge you to consider?

Think long-term….

Think about how much time you would like to spend in your new home. Will your children grow up here? How old will your parents be before you plan to sell? Will they need to move in with you?  If so, maybe you should consider the convenience of a first-floor master in case you will need an in-law suite because staircases may be a challenge if they are elderly. When you are picking features, think about quality and how long you would like for certain features to last. Also consider resale value, and how much you would like for your home to be worth when you’re ready to sell. Keep in mind that your family is growing, and your home will need to accommodate the different stages in life you all will face together.

Think about storage…

Storage is always a popular topic amongst aspiring homeowners that want the right home to accommodate their belongings. A lot of time families consider their existing needs such as clothing, toys, tools, food, cars,etc. However, life together as a family is quite the journey that tends to accumulate many tokens of beautiful memories. You may have a car for you and your spouse, but what about later when the kids start driving? Where will your guests park during those bbqs, holidays, and graduation parties? Think about how all your wonderful memories will need to be stored over the years, and build a space that will allow for your journey together.

Think about functionality….

Being a Central Ohio home builder, we have helped many families understand the importance of functional, designated spaces. Our mentality is not to just build a house, but to create a home that has many different specific needs for your day to day life. For example, we are a big fan of cubbies in the mudroom, convenient laundry set-ups, as well being conscientious of the placement of electrical outlets. Every detail tells a story about where someone will enter, exit, or what and how a space should be used.

For example, the kitchen pantry is extremely functional and highly recommended.

Every drawer, and every cabinet, needs to be placed and designed in a way that is convenient for you and will not compromise the quality of the design once your belongings are added into the space. In addition to the amount of space you need, and how you need that space to function, consider energy efficiency. What should your energy bill look like? What kinds of energy efficient features do you need to include in the design to keep the long-term costs down? Which features should you invest in now, to protect your energy bill in the future?

When you are building your first home, the beauty is that you can customize everything to fit the needs of your lifestyle. We highly recommend, as you are considering what you need in your next home, write down how you would envision your spaces to function in the house you are designing. Do you wish that you had more countertops? How would you like for your drawers and spices to be organized? What would make your life more convenient? What do you need to make your house feel like a home to your family now and years to come?

If you are interested in building a new home, feel free to browse our inspiration gallery for ideas and learn more about our energy efficient floor plans today.