Gray house with white trim and stone watertable.

Five Things to Consider When Building Your New Home…

Whether you are building or buying for your family, you hope to be in your new home for the long-haul. Central Ohio home builders put a lot of thought and work into their custom built homes. When your new home is completed, you want to make sure you’ve crossed every “t” and dotted every “i” pertaining to you and your families personal needs. A lot of first time home-owners may not be completely aware of everything they need right away until they move in and wish things were done differently. To prevent buyers remorse or an expensive renovation down the road, make sure you include these items right away!

You will want a walk in pantry.

Yes you can build a ton of cabinets but a pantry is the ultimate storage solution for your kitchen. It frees up lots of space and allows you to stock up big time! Depending on how large your family is, or what it may grow to be you may eventually start buying in bulk if you don’t already. Your pantry is the best solution for storage of foods, and also those unwanted kitchen appliance that can throw off your decor if left on the countertop. So when building or buying, look for the pantry. You will be glad you did.

1st Floor Master

You may not be at the point where you need to consider this just yet, but eventually most families get to a place where they will need to take in a loved one. Whether you and your spouse or your parents have aged, a first floor master comes in handy in the latter years. Many have had to sell and leave their homes because the body just does not allow for too many steps over-time. The first floor master is awesome for keeping your home in the family.

2nd Floor Living Area

Sometimes the thought of another living area upstairs may seem excessive to some. But to those that have one, it is hardly a regret. A private space upstairs for the children to play is priceless, especially when you have guests drop by unexpectedly and you don’t have to clean up the toys. The space is still open enough to where you can hear them but distant enough to keep clutter away.

Cubby’s in the mudroom

One thing Central Ohio home builders know about home-owners is their value for storage space. Having some type of storage lockers or cubbies come in handy in the winter time for coats. It’s nice to also consider a bench with the cubbies so it’s convenient to sit and remove rain or snow boots. The storage space can really make a difference in your floors lasting, especially if there’s a convenient space to remove the items that can cause wear and tear.

Energy Efficient Living

Be sure to invest in your future savings. Energy efficient house plans are made for the benefit of the homeowner to get the most out of their living. Your home will already consume a great deal of money and time, best thing to do is take advantage of what your Central Ohio home builder is telling you to do to keep money in your pocket in the long-run. Ask for their energy efficient features that will usually be suggested by the NAHB or energy-star, so you don’t have expensive improvements to make later.

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