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  • Two-Story Craftsman Style Home

    The Avery

  • Poured Walls, Andersen Windows, 2x6 Studs, Granite Counters and ...


Service Area

Where Do We Build?

Where we build

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We build only in Central Ohio. To ensure the highest level of service possible to our clients, we try to maintain approximately a one hour travel time from Columbus, Ohio. We do consider each build individually and there are occasional exceptions.

While our name, American Heritage Homes, sounds like it belongs to a big nationwide corporation - we are a standalone Central Ohio company beholden to our clients and not some far away board of directors or investors. Many of our competitors cannot say this. In fact, as a client you will undoubtedly interact personally with both of the owners of the company - Bill Crum and Gary Libertini. They are hands-on in the daily operations of the company - not just faces on a website. They may sweep a floor, set a post, review your plans, price your options or deliver materials to your job site. You see - with a small company - everyone pitches in when needed.

Small, but big enough. Larger builders claim that they have "purchasing power" that can save you money or that their size makes them more stable. American Heritage Homes has been around since 1995 and has weathered every storm. We have built long term relationships with the trade partners who will be involved in building your new home. Those relationships and trust equate to more efficient operations, increase flexibility and lower costs for everyone. We are big enough that keeping our business is important to every trade partner we use. That is true "purchasing power".


Heritage Homes

Columbus Custom Home Builders

Looking for one of the best Central Ohio custom home builders? We're one of the Columbus home builders to talk to, because if you look our way you'll find our staff is made of families just like yours. We care about your home as if it it were our own. You may or may not have an eye for detail, however you can rest assured that we're thinking about them with you, or for you, because your home is just as important to us as it is to you. Whatever stage of life you’re in, we offer energy efficient homes that will reflect your personality and style, because you’re part of the process of designing your new home.

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Custom Features
Always Come Standard

There is so much more work that goes into custom built housing than any one person can hold in their mind. That’s why we offer features that are already available for your convenience. Whatever feature you need, we have considered the details, and are awaiting your approval.

Warm feelings come standard

from what you can (and can’t) see.

A little peace and quiet

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