Preferred Lending Partners

When it comes to purchasing land and building a home on your lot, the financing side of things is slightly different than what you may have experienced in the resale home market.  To help make the preapproval and loan application process as simple as possible, we have carefully selected a list of Preferred Lending partners.  Please note that you can work with one of our preferred lenders listed below, or you may select any mortgage lender you choose.

How do we choose our Preferred Lending partners?  American Heritage Homes has been building quality, custom homes on our customer’s land for nearly 30 years, and in that time, we have worked with our fair share of brokers.  As a result, we take note when we come across lenders who pay attention to every detail – dot every “i” and cross every “t.”  And when they consistently deliver good results for our customers, they earn the rank as one of our Preferred Lending partners!

Meet Our Preferred Lending Partners

Image of Rhonda Clark at State Bank.State Bank
Rhonda Clark



Image of Brett Shaut at Huntington Bank.Huntington Bank
Brett Shaut



Image of Chad Meadows at Vinton County Bank.Vinton County National Bank
Chad Meadows



Photo of lender Amanda Faulk.Rural 1st
Amanda Faulk



Ready to get started on building your new home?  Contact us or reach out to one of our Preferred Lenders today!