Meet the team image of Ben Little, builder and operations coordinator.

Building Big Dreams with Ben Little

Ben is 50% Builder + 50% Operations Coordinator and 100% Great Guy! Having been here for nearly four years, he’s always up for a good chat about hiking, camping, or Wyatt (that cutie in the picture beside him!)  With a BS of Applied Science in Civil Engineering and a background in project management, Ben brings his passion for precision and an eye for detail to every project. As a Builder, he plays a pivotal role in transforming blueprints into dream homes, and as an Operations Coordinator, he strategically works to schedule trade partners on various jobs throughout the company. Learn more about Ben below.

  1. Best Movie Ever? The Dark Knight
  2. Speaking of movies, what is the current title for your life? Never Enough Time For What I Want To Do
  3. Do you have any hidden talents or skills? Nothing impressive
  4. If you had a time machine and couldn’t mess with history, what time period would you travel back to? 1,000 years into the future
  5. If you were a character on a TV show, which one would you be? Chandler Bing from Friends
  6. What does a typical day at the office/in the field look like? It’s different every day. Recently, it has been 50% in the field with contractors and reviewing houses, and the other 50% is spent on the computer preparing for upcoming work, scheduling, and reviewing the scopes of work for each home.
  7. What is the best piece of advice you have been given? Become a lifelong learner. You can continue to learn no matter what stage of your career you are in. When you learn continuously, you gain more skills and become more flexible and adaptable in your career path. A willingness to learn is an attribute that many people value in today’s workforce. Attend any professional development events and training sessions your employer may host.
  8. What are some small things that make your day better? I love seeing my daughter at the end of the day + making someone else’s day + seeing people do what they tell me they plan on doing for the day.
  9. When people come to you for help, what do they usually want help with?   Finding out best practices and ways we have succeeded in the past. Finding ways to organize and schedule better.
  10. What would be your personal motto? Life’s a Garden. Dig It.
  11. . What’s your favorite thing about working at AHH? Every day is different and unique. Every house and homeowner has unique needs and desires for their forever home.

About American Heritage Homes
American Heritage Homes is a locally owned, on your lot custom home builder in Columbus, Ohio. Since 1995, families have trusted us to build their dream homes on their land. Through honesty and hard work, American Heritage Homes has become central Ohio’s premier on your lot custom home builder with a reputation for constructing extraordinary custom homes at an affordable price.