What does build on your lot mean?

Build on your lot essentially implies that a home builder will construct a custom-designed home directly on your owned land or property. This approach to home building is often regarded as one of the most convenient methods and typically involves a straightforward process.

When you engage with an on your lot builder, like American Heritage Homes, you’re purchasing your home from them, not the land. The thrill lies in the fact that you get to decide where you want to build. Would you prefer a specific school district? Are you drawn to urban or rural settings? The choice is entirely yours.

American Heritage Homes has been building custom homes on your lot for nearly thirty years, helping countless families realize their dream of owning a custom-built home in central Ohio. Whether you already possess land or have recently identified a piece of land you wish to purchase, American Heritage Homes stands ready to support you every step of the way.

Ready to build on your lot?

LET’S BUILD YOUR DREAM home on your land

If you’ve found the perfect homesite and are ready to build on your land, we can help! American Heritage Homes constructs quality, custom homes throughout Central Ohio. With nearly 30 years of build on your lot experience, we’ve developed a variety of standards for construction, and we make sure every home we touch exceeds those standards.

So, whether you’re looking for a multigenerational ranch design or a two-story barndominum style plan, we have what you need. View our over 50+ floor plans to get started. As you’re browsing our plans, keep in mind that they are fully customizable – from moving walls to adding rooms – no customization is too big or too small for our team! That is the joy of designing and building with American Heritage Homes!

Already have your plan designed? We can build that, too! Our team will work with you to provide a rough estimate of the cost of building on your lot. Because we have been designing and building custom homes for nearly 30 years, we are no strangers to this process. Expect us to ask detailed questions – we’re committed to ensuring your home is built just the way you want from start to finish.

Why Build On Your Lot?

The benefits of building on your lot

Cut through the competition in today’s real estate market by choosing the perfect lot, designing for your lifestyle, and personalizing every aspect of your dream home. Discover the many benefits of building a custom home on your lot.


Design Your Dream Home

Fully customizable Floor Plans

Modified Meadowbrook floor plan with cedar front porch posts, white board and batten siding and gray shingled roof.

When you build a home on your land with AHH, you have the flexibility of customizing your floor plan to suit your lifestyle.  It all starts by choosing one of our 50+ floor plans or sharing your existing custom home plans with us.