Why Build A Custom Home On Your Lot?

It’s no secret the real estate industry has seen a significant shift over the past few years. With the inventory of pre-existing homes in Columbus, Ohio, at a low, many people are choosing to build a custom home. From designing a home that meets your needs to selecting high-quality building materials, American Heritage Homes can help you design and build a new custom home that truly meets your needs and tastes.

So, what is a custom home? We offer a variety of plans as a starting point and can customize to create a one-of-a-kind house where the buyer has complete control over the layout, design, and features. This level of control means that the average price of a buyer’s custom home can vary. If you’ve been searching for custom home builders in central Ohio, you may have also heard the term semi-custom home. Typically semi-custom home builders offer more streamlined floor plans, and the amount of customization you can do with these builders is minimal, which is one of the many reasons why people choose to build a custom home. Some other reasons to build a custom home on your lot are explored below.

Lot Choice

Learn more about our Lots & LandWhether you want to live in a neighborhood with other families, a secluded wooded lot, or have acres-upon-acres to enjoy, you select the perfect spot for your home. And when you are involved in the process of designing your home, you can create a floor plan that allows you to enjoy all the views your home site offers while at the same time maximizing privacy.

If you’re still looking for land, here are some tips that might help you find what you’re looking for Finding Land for Your Custom Home. We also have some lots on our website that we market and sell for a local landowner.


Your custom home’s floor plan is designed entirely around you. Rather than working around a pre-existing home’s floor plan or having limited options with a semi-custom builder, when you build a custom home, you can design your floor plan any way you want – maximizing every inch of space. At American Heritage Homes, our Sales Consultants listen to your ideas and talk about your lifestyle before they even start customizing floor plans. With degrees in Interior Design, our team has the expertise to make interior spaces beautiful and functional with experience in spatial planning and design.


Your home is a reflection of you, your style, and your personality. You make the final decision on every feature of your home. From door knobs to light fixtures, building a custom home is your chance to create and design a space that’s all you! If you’ve been considering building a custom home in central Ohio, you likely have some specific features and add-ons you want for your dream home – perhaps a four seasons room or finished basement? Choosing a custom home builder like American Heritage Homes can make that wish list a reality!

Budget flexibility

Special features, materials, and everything else that goes into building your home all have a price point, so if something needs to be adjusted to meet your budgetary needs, then we’re happy to have that conversation. American Heritage Homes prides itself on providing unique custom solutions that help make new home visions a reality.

Material quality

Gas wall fireplace with stone in family room inside a modified charles pointe custom ranch home.When you buy pre-existing or with a semi-custom home builder, you have little control over the materials’ quality. A custom builder, like American Heritage Homes, works with trusted trade partners that provide high-quality work and materialsā€”giving you peace of mind that your home is constructed with the best products, materials, and brands by the best trade partners in central Ohio.

Cut the Competition

In today’s real estate market, competition among buyers is at an all-time high, and you’re likely having difficulty finding a home in the Columbus area that meets your needs. Rather than competing with other buyers for a pre-existing home, now is the time to design and build your custom home on your lot with craftsmanship that reflects your style and priorities.

About American Heritage Homes
American Heritage Homes is a locally owned, on your lot custom home builder in Columbus, Ohio. Since 1995, families have trusted us to build their dream homes on their land. Through honesty and hard work, American Heritage Homes has become central Ohio’s premier on your lot custom home builder with a reputation for constructing extraordinary custom homes at an affordable price.