Heritage Homes

We want to be the custom home builder that makes you feel most at home.

woman relaxing on deck by custom home builder American Heritage Homes

As a custom home builder focused on "on your lot" home building, we don't develop land or carry an inventory of lots to build on.  Our customers come to us with land they are looking to purchase - or have purchased - in and around Central Ohio.  

For over 25 years, families have trusted us to build their dream home on their own land. 

Having been in business for over two decades, we know that building a new home is exciting and sometimes unpredictable. Other than our families, there may not be anything more personal and emotional in our lives. We understand the value in ease and convenience, and we do our best to make the process of building your new home as enjoyable and simple as possible. We know there are many custom home builders that will vie for your attention, so we encourage you to browse through the testimonials that we have accrued over the years to vouch for our customer service.  

When you build with American Heritage Homes, you are not only improving your community, you are also improving ours. We live here. We are your neighbors. We see our homes every day. We care.

With approximately 40 home designs in our portfolio, customer's are encouraged to customize our plans because we know that no two families are the same. Prefer your own design?  No worries.  We are flexible.   The process begins with you and our Design Consultants developing the right solutions for your home and quickly putting pricing and proposals together.  Best of all, our draftsman and estimators are in-house, not outsourced, making the customization process nearly seamless. 

But we don't stop there, our Design Consultants and Builder Teams are engaged in the building process every step of the way. Bringing a history of interior design experience with them, our Design Consultants are no strangers to the design build process and will work with you as you begin developing your new home. Our Builder Teams are dedicated, hard workers and have years of experience building new custom homes. They are motived by each unique project, customer, and relationship they develop along the way.

American Heritage Homes:  The Short Story

American Heritage Homes was founded in 1995 by Bill Crum and Gary Libertini. Since then, we have not only built thousands of custom homes, but also a reputation as a high quality builder at a very affordable price. Bill and Gary like to think of themselves as "sticks and bricks" guys - approaching home building focused on the house and how it's built. Which means everything that goes into each house is carefully considered for its value and longevity. To Bill and Gary, it's more about the house and the customers' needs than the numbers or the bottom line. 

As a locally owned and operated company, both Bill and Gary reside in Central Ohio with their families today.  After studying design in college and earning a degree in Architecture, Gary decided that he wanted to become a home builder.  It his personal philosophy that each home should be uniquely suited to its owner's lifestyle.  Providing unique customized homes truly is Gary's passion.

After earning his degree in Business, Bill Crum started his career as a carpenter.  He built his first home in the late 80's, completing 95% of the work himself.  With an eye for detail and hands-on experience, Bill grew his business as a custom home builder.  Whether he is building a $120,000 starter home or a million dollar estate, Bill puts his passion for enduring quality into every home.

With Gary's background in Architectural Design and Bill's carpentry and building expertise, American Heritage Homes prides itself on being able to develop unique custom solutions for our customers. 

When American Heritage Homes was established, Bill and Gary thought long and hard about a name. They chose American Heritage Homes because they are inspired by the craftsmanship and personal dedication found in early American homes.  They believe that the name American Heritage Homes will inspire each person involved in the construction of your home to live up to the legacy of the early American builders.  There will be no fanfare, streamers or confetti patronizing your values, just hard work and dedication to provide the best home building experience. 

Over the past 25+ years, American Heritage Homes has received numerous design awards and business management accolades: Entrepreneur of the Year, Best Place to Work, and numerous gold medals in the Central Ohio BIA Parade of Homes to name a few.

At American Heritage Homes we are passionate about building the best home for you and your family. Thank you for your interest.