Tips To Prepare Your Home For Spring

After the harsh winter, you need remodeling of your house because winters can harm your home in the ways that are not visible. It is suggested to all homeowners to inspect their homes for all possible damages and hire a professional for the maintenance of impaired parts, says NAHB Remodeler Chair Paul Sullivan. Follow these precautions before the spring storms make the conditions worse.

Look for the cracks in the ceiling:

Give a grim look at the roof and watch for shingles and cracks. Make sure that chimneys are properly intact and all flashing areas are tight and properly sealed.


Usually, water pipes are broken due to freezing temperature, make sure to change them, if needed. Look for the signs of water heater collision and damages under the sinks.

Repair gutters:

Remove all the debris caused by winter storms from the gutters and downspouts. Broken or blocked gutters can cause the water to enter the house. With this in mind, be sure to clean before the situation gets worse.

Check all the window and doors.

Check the sides of the windows and ensure that they are watertight. Winter chilly winds usually damage the frames of the windows. Replace them to make sure that doors are properly sealed.  

Check all the dryer vents.

Clogging in the dryer vents can cause the warm air to enter the room, ultimately raising the room temperature. This simple cleaning can save your house from a rise in the temperature, and it can keep your house cooler.

Cleaning of Air filters.

Blockage in the air filters can reduce the efficiency of your air conditioners. Replace them before you start them for cooling purposes.

Change light bulbs.

Replace your regular light bulbs to fluorescent bulbs, as they are more energy saving and reduce your electricity bill.  Moreover, these compact bulbs give less heat that reduces the amount of heat that it produces.     

More plantations:

Plant a tree in your garden next to your air conditioner vent, it can help your conditioner to work more efficiently, plus it will keep your environment healthy.


Retouching your paint exterior will not only make the house look better, but it also saves your house from different obstructions.

Inspect air conditioners:

Hire an electrician to inspect your air conditioner to make sure that it is working properly or not before heat waves strike the atmosphere.

Change interior:

As the weather changes from winter to spring,  you must be looking for the change regarding designing and setting of your home. Change your home’ s interior with a security of protection and safety.

Muted colors:

Spring and summer demand light tone colors. If you are planning to change the interior of your house, then add all the grays and whites to make the temperature cooler.


Due to the harsh winter weather, the proper cleaning of the room becomes involved. Start your spring cleaning and remodeled all broken components that are damaged.  

You need a good home builder:

Building a home is not an easy task. You need a builder who can not only customize the home of your dreams but also ensures its safety and protection. If you are looking for a Central Ohio home builder that you can trust, contact us today.