Tips For Designing The Perfect Thanksgiving Day Table

When adding the finishing touches to your Thanksgiving Day dinner table, your presentation should be just right. From the place settings to the flowers, every detail should contribute to the design of your home, setting the tone for the perfect Thanksgiving Day dinner.

For a rustic home design

  • Focus on the centerpiece 

Upgrade simple blue glass Ball jars with lush bouquets of flowers and foliage. The addition of succulents gives each a true rustic touch. Fill in between the jars with old wicker-covered bottles, pillar candles, and stag horns. And personalize the placecards -Embellish simple office-store hang tags with individually stamped letters that spell out each guest's name. Use the same technique to make labels for drinks at the bar.

Your color palette should include shades of tan and brown with cranberry, red green or teal. 

For a modern home design

  • Focus on flatware 

Black flatware is gaining popularity, and there’s nothing like the contrast between a dark flatware and a marble backdrop. Imagine how it would pop when paired with white dishware! Other current flatware trends include metallic tones and gold.

And personalize the table accents -

Boast your family name by etching your initials on small wooden pumpkins that can be placed about the table. If you have the time, place the first initial of each adult guest on a small pumpkin or pear and use that as your “placecard.”

Your color palette should include metallic gold, burnt orange, blue-green or Caribbean blue.

For a traditional home design

  • Focus on the lay out 

Your table should be strictly symmetrical: centerpiece in the exact center, an even number of candlesticks, place settings spaced evenly around the table, silverware lined up and at the same distance from the edge of the table. Fill empty space with a floral arrangement.

And personalize the dessert table -

Place a framed chalkboard on a small easel and write out the dessert line up so guests and see what sweet treats are on the menu.

Your color palette should include cream, gold, burnt orange, hunter green, red or maroon.