3 Types of Classic American Homes

Do you ever think about your grandparent’s plantation style home in the country? 

Summer visits were so special and memorable, the thought of having a quaint country lifestyle of your own has always been appealing. Think about waking up everyday to your own classic American home.  Think about the detail and craftsmanship used to design the Sears and Roebuck homes from the 1890’-1940’s. With a timeless American look and some contemporary features and amenities, you can bring the same elements into your dream home.

Check out the 3 types of Classic American Homes offered, and how they can benefit you and your family.
  • Plantation Style Homes- If you have a fancy for quality craftsmanship, cool porches on both levels, and framed by columns that make a statement, the Plantation Style Home welcomes you. This custom home is gallant and audacious in appearance but alluring inside. Plantation homes were popular in the 1800’s, they were pre-civil war homes of grandeur that made a statement of wealth and status. From their majestic entrance hall to the french doors and fireplaces, the plantation home is rich with southern opulence.
  • Bungalow Style Homes- Looking for land for sale to build an energy efficient bungalow style home, can be a dream come true. The bungalow style is a single family home, usually having 1 or 1 ½ stories and a low sloping roof. The bungalow style home, considered practical largely attracts 1st time home owners and young couples. These homes have wide enjoyable porches with overhanging eaves to keep the sweltering heat to a minimum.This style is famous for true American Style with intimate spaces and honest craftsmanship.
  • Farmhouse Style Homes- This classic home from the mid 19th century embodies a rustic feel of rural life with a porch big enough for rocking chairs or perhaps a swing to enjoy.  The Farmhouse is practical and simple both in style and a way of life. There are many custom home options. The farmhouse has a classic look architecturally and many contemporary features and choices even concerning bedroom size and storage space as well as formal and informal dining areas. This home style is intimate and endearing!
American architecture has captured all the alluring radiance and strength from the 17th century forward, it’s beauty is timeless, it’s style is everlasting, and has quality that is never ending.

If you are thinking of building your Plantation style house and enjoying breakfast on the patio with the morning sun. Perhaps Sunday afternoon brunches in the Bungalow with friends is of interest, or maybe a hearty dinner with the family in the dining room of your farmhouse. If you are interested in seeing floorplans inspired by classic American architecture, please contact us today to get started building your dream home.