3 Tips For A Relaxing Bathroom

Central Ohio Home Builder creates luxury bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the most intimate and overworked spaces in your home. Creating a luxurious environment for your bathroom is essential for stress-relief, refuge, and has the possibility of providing tranquility. Often there are three ideal spaces that you plan to rest in your home after a long day at work; living room, bedroom, and bathroom. Whether you prefer a long hot shower or a long soak in the tub, there are a few elements that can create the perfect after work zen that you need to disengage. 


The key to successful lighting in your luxury powder room is understanding the importance of layered lighting. Task lighting illuminates work spaces like the area around your sink.  The right bath vanity can add the perfect touch. Accent lighting creates dimension and highlights beautiful focal points in the space as a painting or plants. Decorative lighting is the touch of glamor that can take you bathroom from being a pitstop in your home to calm oasis. Finding the perfect chandelier or large pendant light can be just the touch to take your bathroom from being just useful to recreational. Lastly, there’s ambient lighting which is the gentle warm light that fills the room. Wall sconces are ideal for adding directional ambient lighting to your walls whether they are pointing upward or downward. 


Your color motif can set the mood and compliment the layers of light that you have added to your environment. Decide on a theme whether it is Zen, Modern, Contemporary, Victorian, and try to keep it simple. According to the Pantone Color Palette, the color of 2017 is green. Green is supposed to be symbolic of nature and using natural colors can create the feeling of solitude and tranquility when paired with the right complimentary tones. 


Selecting the best features for your bathroom takes the feeling of relaxation that you are creating and turns it into a reality. Think about what it takes for you to wind down after a long day and imagine yourself in the perfect scenario. Are there candles alongside your tub, maybe a bottle of wine, or maybe you prefer a sizeable walk-in shower?  Would you like to be able to sit comfortably to put on your makeup? Take the time and think through everything you would like to be able to do when you leave the gym, or the kids are away for the weekend. 

Think about your favorite spa and what you love most about it. If you are looking for inspiration from a Central Ohio home builder to help you build the bathroom of your dreams, visit our gallery. Our designers would be more than happy to assist and answer your questions about designing an energy efficient floor plan that will provide the level of relaxation you need after a long day at work. Visit our website to learn more.