3 Elements of a Luxury Home

central Ohio home builder for luxury real estate

Over the course of time, elements of luxury real estate has evolved quite a bit. Time and technology has taken a toll on luxury home improvements, requiring central ohio home builders to stay on top of the trends. There was a time where standard luxury living was a 14x20 ft. living area. Now this number has changed to 18x18 ft. Knowing the trends and all those small features and components are part of the job to understanding how to build top-rated luxury real estate. What exactly are the standards for state of the art home design, and how does it apply to 2016? Well here are a few features that you will want to consider when building or buying your new luxury style house:

Go Green!

We hear so much talk about energy efficiency these days and with good reason. Most home owners know the many different outlets that can suck the savings right out your pocket if you do not have energy efficient house plans. You are already spending a pretty penny on your beautiful new home, so do not neglect to invest in the long term savings. With the size of luxury-living, money can literally go out the door, the windows, the basement, the roof...You name it!

You need an awesome kitchen….

A luxury kitchen these days are a complete showstopper when you are giving someone the grand tour for the first time. Wood is back in action, be it natural or dark with beautiful tall cabinetry and plenty of storage space. Central Ohio home builders are putting a lot of thought in creating the right kitchen for every family; and factor into their designs  creative ways to store your cookware and appliances so it doesn't throw off your decor. Like the induction cooktop, for example seems to be a growing trend; amongst many other beautiful storage solutions, including the pull-out trash can that is hidden in your beautiful cabinetry. 

Definitely, don’t forget the over-sized shower!!!!

The free-standing soak bath has always been a beautiful addition to any bath space, but wow is it hard on the hot water tank! Well be assured that there’s a much more energy-efficient solution to bathing that will not result in frustrating the other residents in your home. The walk-in shower is the perfect component of Feng Shui, and brings the element of luxury, beauty, and tranquility into your bath decor. No matter how large your walk in shower is, it should mimic the serenity of rainfall, connecting mind and body into one of your most useful spaces.

There are many more features to add to your brand new build, but be sure to remember putting time into these three. We have lots of features and ideas that will help you build the ideal luxury real estate property. For more information about our efficient house plans contact us today toll free: 1-800-640-2442 or email sales@ahhcorp.com