3 Classic American Home Features

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Many happy families drive past our classic American home designs in Central Ohio inspired by the idea of a lifestyle. Being a Central Ohio home builder, we understand that there are a few features that no home should go without if they are interested in creating the nostalgia of a colonial classic.

There are several features that make the difference, but if you’re interested in a home design that will stand the test of time, you absolutely have to consider these items when building your classic American home:

Fireplace - There may be several parts of the country that can live without the warm and cozy glow of the fireplace. Whether the style is classic or contemporary, if you live in the midwest, a fireplace is quite the luxury. In Central Ohio, A fireplace holds a special place in our memories. Whether we played board games on the floor with our siblings, hung up Christmas stockings in eager anticipation of Santa, or romantic chats with our significant other on a cold day, needless to say, a fireplace is a monument of positive memories.

Kitchen Island - Not only is a kitchen island an amazing convenience but it also has warm classic memories attached to it. You will be hard pressed to find a classic American home without a kitchen island these days.  There’s nothing better in the world of a home builder where functionality and design collide. Kitchen islands are both social and spatial, making room for loving company in the kitchen while having extra space to prep a meal. Think about Thanksgiving dinner with your friends and family and how much you will value the space as well as the company of your loved ones while prepping a wonderful meal that brings everyone together.

Front Porch - The front porch is a wonderful luxury that is appreciated in the Buckeye State. There are both wonderful memories and uses for the front porch that is timeless. Pass down the privilege of sitting in a rocking chair and having chats with a loved one. If you ever sat on a front porch with a swing on a relaxing day with a glass of iced tea in the summer, you will appreciate adding this wonderful and functional design element to your floor plan.

Classic American home design brings people together. If you are considering building your next home and have a love for timeless American farmhouses, you have to consider these features as a priority in your design. If you are interested in finding a Central Ohio Home builder that you can trust to pay attention to the fine details of true craftsmanship, contact American Heritage Homes today!