Finding Land for Your Custom Home

Sometimes finding the right land for your dream home is easier said than done. Everyone has different priorities – close to work, few neighbors, a specific school district – so make a list of all the features you want before you begin your search. Then, let the search begin!

Drive Around. If you are looking for land in a specific area, it might be as simple as driving around to see what is available.

Ask Friends. It is quite possible that someone you know is aware of land for sale or knows someone who is willing to sell some land. So let your friends, family and co-workers know you’re looking for land to build your new home.

Talk to a Realtor. Realtors often have their finger on the pulse of their local market and might know about some land for sale or land that might be listed on the market soon.

Internet Search. Once you have some basic criteria, here are some websites that our homeowners have found helpful in finding land. These sites have search engines where you can put in perimeters to narrow your search.