Typical Lot Development Costs

Typical costs listed below are provided as a general reference. This is not a price list for American Heritage services. AHH does offer some of the listed services and our prices may differ. The figures are intended to represent a reasonable price for each item that would be typical in the marketplace. Of course, as market conditions change, prices may go up or down dramatically. County fees and requirements often change. AHH always recommends obtaining actual quotes for fees and services when planning your development budget and beforing closing your construction loan.

DescriptionEstimating NotesUOMTypical Costs/Fees per Unit
Temporary Occupancy PermitEach$100.00
Building PermitVaries by county/municipality (Delco = $55 + $6 per 100 SF of house, bsmt & garage)Each$1,250.00
Zoning Permit BulkVaries by township - contact yours for actual figuresEach$250.00
Zoning Permit per SFVaries by township - contact yours for actual figuresSF$0.20
Plumbing/Health PermitVaries check with your health departmentEach$495.00
Architectural ReviewTypically required in subdivisionsEach$150.00
County Bonds or other Misc. FeesCheck with your county on specific requirementsEach$4,000.00
Property InsuranceInsurance on property over and above AHH provided builders risk policyEach$350.00
Plot PlanRequired for most lots - typical fee from surveyorEach$200.00
Stake Lot for DigUsually required in subdivisions - typical fee from surveyorEach$350.00
Lot ClearingVaries by lot and tree density - get a quoteEach$3,000.00
Soil Evaluation/Test HolesTypically requried for all onsite sewage treatment systemsEach$250.00
Septic System - Traditional Leach FieldUnless previously approved, most lots will require a more advanced sustemEach$7,000.00
Septic System - Aerator Add-OnHelps waste breakdown more quickly reducing size of mound or leach systemEach$2,000.00
Septic System Design/EngineeringAdvanced onsite sewage system require engineering designs specific to your lotEach$1,200.00
Septic System - Mound SystemPrice increases based on number of bedrooms served and soil qualityEach$17,000.00
Septic System - Mound w/ Drip SystemPrice increases based on number of bedrooms served and soil qualityEach$19,000.00
Well DrillingVaries based on depth of well and soil type at aquiferEach$4,000.00
Water Softening SystemVaries widely with system specs and water qualityEach$1,000.00
Water Filtration SystemVaries widely with system specs and water qualityEach$1,000.00
Curb CutRequired for most subdivision lotsLF$8.50
Construction DriveIncludes 6" #2 agregate with 4" #304 agregateSF$1.50
Concrete CulvertTypical of 12" culvert 30' long - check with county engineer for sizingEach$400.00
Maintenance of DriveExtra gravel or snow removal - varies with length of drive and seasonEach$400.00
Silt Fencing/Environmental ProtectionRequired in some areas to be placed around perimeter of any disturbed soilsLF$2.75
Electric trenchingDistance from entry at house to tranformer location - check with electric companyLF$2.10
Water Lines installDistance from entry at house to tap locationLF$4.50
Gas Lines installDistance from entry at house to tap locationLF$3.50
Water Tap FeeVaries per LocaleEach$4,000.00
Supply & Install Gas Riser & Meter ArmSeparate parts not typically installed by gas utilityEach$250.00
Gas Connection FeeConnection fee variesEach$100.00
Temp Heating CostsHeating your home during construction varies by season and fuel typeEach$500.00
Electrical Connection Fee & Temp PowerCheck with utility company - varies widelyEach$300.00
Main Service DisconnectFor dislocated serviceEach$450.00
Overhead Electrical Service (masthead, etc.)Check with electric company - most home will be undergroundEach$350.00
Sewer Tap FeeVaries per LocaleEach$5,000.00
Sewer Tap Inspection FeeVaries per LocaleEach$60.00
Sewer Trench & Line with GravelDistance from entry at house to tap locationLF$15.00
Dirt TruckingOften required on smaller lots where excavated soils cannot be dispersed - varies widelyEach$500.00
Landscaping Prep GradeBased on a 1 Acre lot - see landscaper for actual quoteEach$350.00
Landscaping Seeding1 Acre = 43,560 SFSF$0.20
Landscaping Sod1 Acre = 43,560 SFSF$0.45
Downspout ConductorsUndergound conductors connect from each downspout and then run to curb (in subdivision or to daylight for an outlot)LF$2.25
Cut, Prep & Finish Driveways & SidewalksSF$ 3.50
Post LightRequired in many subdivisions - Circuit, fixture, installEach$500.00
Mail BoxTypical Cedar Craft subdivision post installedEach$120.00
Reset Grade StakesRequired by some counties (Delaware)Each$125.00
Reshoot GradeRequired by some counties (Delaware)Each$100.00