Lot and Land Restrictions

Outdoor living may be a big part of your family's life.

Four wheeling ATV Photo from Central Ohio Home BuilderAnd if that's the case, you may want a lot of land for your new home.

Whether it's your lot or ours, we know what goes into giving your family the space it needs to enjoy your new home. And whether you're looking for Hocking Hills real estate, Bellfontaine real estate, or anything in between, make sure the Central Ohio home builders you're talking to knows a lot about lots.

We've worked with all kinds of families, with all kinds of needs and lifestyles, so we know what options might work for your family.

You can add to your home, but not to your lot.

Here's some things to think about when you're considering buying a lot, then deciding on the home.

  • Look at the satellite image to see how it relates to the street
    Here's where Google maps can really help you. But sometimes streets are too new for Google to have them on their maps. This is why we have aerial maps on our website you can use here. Using satellite photos the properties you're considering, you can also see what will  be around your new home, as well as how far away your nearest neighbors are. So if you want an area to ride your ATV, you want to be far enough away from other homes so you don't bother your neighbors.
  • Property conditions
    Never commit to a lot without doing a site visit, and take a walk around the entire property. Before you envision where to put your home, and what the best view might be, you want to see if something is in the way of that perfect sunset! Small streams may become raging rivers after a heavy rain. Or if that field that goes to a stream is so low you have to walk through mud to ge to it, it's not that nice of a stroll. An open area with no grass could mean there's an environmental problem. You do not want to deal with brownfield issues from a previous owner or tenant. What if there's a hidden oil tank on a property that wasn't installed legally?
  • Infrastructure and utilities
    What about cable and high-speed Internet? Some internet companies don't go the entire length of every road. And even if they're willing to extend cable to your lot, there could be a huge surcharge. Also, how far will your home be from water and sewer lines? Are there hidden fees for connecting to water and sewer? What if you'll need to install a septic system? There's something called a “perc test” that measures the soil's absorption rate where your septic system might be installed. Make sure it passes that test, or you're in for a world of hassle. 
  • Roads and access
    Your land should front directly on, or have access to, a public road. But what if it doesn’t? How will you work around that? Do your homework to make sure the proper easements and right of ways are in place, or work with a reputable builder who will take care of that for you.
  • Restrictions and site limitations
    If you and your family love to use your ATVs, check the property’s use restrictions to make sure you're able to use the site the way you want. There can be restrictive covenants, Homeowner Association restriction and environmental conditions such as wetlands that can definitely affect how you use your new property. There can also be restrictions that relate to front and side setbacks. What if your outbuilding or pole barn is too close to a neighbors lot, or the road. Something so simple can give you a big headache.

Work with American Heritage Homes and we'll help you avoid these problems, and more. Don't go by what your friends have done and been through. Restrictions change and vary by community. What one friend had experienced may be very different from what you might experience. Have a reputable builder or architect involved before you commit to a buying lot or land.

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