Custom kitchen with herringbone tile.

Kitchen Trends That Will Become Classics

Being a Central Ohio Homebuilder, it’s important for our designers to stay on top of the trends. Though we pride ourselves on building Classic American Farmhouses, we understand the balance between classic and contemporary.

Often times when it comes to designing the perfect kitchen for our clients, we come across requests that are trending that you may want to consider.

Ceiling Height

There are many features in your home that can be upgraded later if you decide you would like to go in another direction. Your ceiling height isn’t one of them. Decide early on in the process the added value of your ceiling height. The 9 ft ceiling has been an emerging trend in home design for quite some time. If you like the idea of your rooms looking and feeling more spacious (Which really helps your resale value), in the world of investment-worthy features, the 9ft ceiling is definitely a bonus!


The best-designed kitchens are the ones designed around the way that you will utilize the space. One feature that is becoming a hot request is the Kitchen Cabinet Pull Out Shelves. These shelves help to maximize space and make it much easier for you to access items that were once a challenge to reach for in your kitchen. There are some items that we try to steer clear of due to their trendy nature, but it’s safe to say that once you have lived with convenient kitchen shelving, you will never go back to the standard.

Another hot request is the pull-out trashcan. In a beautifully designed clean kitchen, the old trashcan is always an eyesore. There’s always residue on the walls and it never quite flows with your decor no matter how nice your trashcan is. The Pull-out trash can allows you to neatly tuck away the part of the kitchen that no one really cares to think about being anywhere near their food. When you are choosing your cabinets, make sure that this small but useful and accessible feature is at the top of your list.


Kitchen islands have been a popular commodity in the world of homebuilding. In the larger kitchens, we are finding that kitchen islands have expanded in size and use. There are more drawers and seating options that are being built into the kitchen islands. Occasionally, we have the request for a pot rack that may make cooking much easier. The kitchen island has been a beautiful focal point in some of our favorite kitchens. The right island legs and corbels can add that certain something to your space that creates the difference between thoughtful design and basic functionality.

When you are designing your classic American home, you should work with a Central Ohio Homebuilder that you can trust to help you make the right design choices. Whether the decisions are about aesthetics and/or function, you will want to make decisions that matter to your overall goals for your home.

Be it your first home or your last, your home should reflect your personality, your priorities, and your overall lifestyle. If you have questions about designing an energy efficient home, contact us today.