Blue kitchen with butcher block countertops.

If You’re Deciding Between Building vs. Buying

You are now at that point where you are considering a new home. You have heard stories about Central Ohio home builders, and stories about buying and maybe you aren’t too sure which direction to go in. Both seem to have their pros and cons, and knowing which one is right for you is the challenge. Every solution is not right for every family, but maybe these tips may help you come to a decision.

Remember the structural differences…

For those of you that are particular about design elements, and you are all for contemporary, building may be the way to go. It’s not easy trying to bring a house from the 80s up to 2015’s contemporary standards and here is why.

  • Most homebuyers want 9 ft ceilings, and ceiling height is something you just can’t change. Well, at least not easily or in a cost efficient manner. If you buy an 80’s build, you will lose about 2 ft from what is stylish. All the little things count!
  • A 14 x 20 ft family room used to be ideal, now that number has changed to 18 x 18. Back then, you push your sofa to the longest wall. But now we like having options of how to arrange our furniture, and it’s coming off the walls now.
  • Don’t forget insulation! Basements didn’t used to be insulated then, and now they are. Basements are a very important part of living and storage space. If you build your home, you will have all the components you need for the ideal man-cave the day you move in.

There is also the matter of technology….

Think about just how much technology has grown from 1985 to 2015. The housing market has developed all new technologies, especially energy efficient house plans. Trying to bring a home up to code can be costly, however with building the savings start from day one!

Don’t forget design elements.

There are so many different cosmetics and features that count for contemporary living. Like for example the standard white trim that we see in homes nowadays vs. the wood trim that we used to see before. Building isn’t for everyone, but if you value modern and contemporary living, custom built homes may be the way to go.

Get as much information you need about both routes, but keep in mind the designs you like and weigh the costs of upgrading vs. building it out the box. You may find that talking to a few Central Ohio home builders may be the most cost efficient solution to your needs going forward.

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