Office with leather chairs and built in bookshelves

Five Things to Consider When Building Your New Home Office

With more American’s working from home, building a house with an office might be just what you are looking for! Below are five things to consider when building and personalizing an office in your new home.

  1. Location – Are you running a business? Will you be meeting with clients throughout the day? Consider putting your office close to the entry or building a separate entry. This will not only help you to maintain privacy throughout the workday, it will also help to avoid other distractions happening in the home during the day.
  2. Function – Think about what you need as far as storage. Do you need custom built-in shelves or storage closets to cut down on clutter? We can work with you to build the perfect storage solution inside your new home’s office that is both functional and stylish.
  3. Enjoy the view – Studies show that natural lighting helps to improve productivity. If you can, add some windows and enjoy the view! If adding windows is not an option, don’t worry. Our Design Consultants are interior designs, so we will work with you and provide a variety of lighting options that mimic natural sunlight.
  4. Paint – Depending on your occupation, consider a color that gets your creative juices flowing or that creates a calming effect. Sherwin Williams offers bright, cheery colors like Jaipur Pink and Cheerful or if you prefer calming shades, check out Sea Salt and Topsail. Learn more about the psychology of color.
  5. Size – Will you be sharing your office space with other family members? Or do you have stand up desk? What about office chairs for visitors? Consider the size of the office based on your furniture, how it will be used and who will be using it to ensure you get what you need to maximize productivity.

As one of Columbus Ohio’s best custom home builders, American Heritage Homes offers a variety of home designs with office spaces. Check out two-story plans like the Adams and Carrollton or one-story designs like the Clark and Morgan, and because we specialize in customizing plans for our homeowners, if you have your eye on a plan that does not have an office space included, let’s talk! We are happy to work with you to get you what you need!