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Farmhouses: Living the Lifelong Trend

The Farmhouse is a popular trend that is being described as the true model of excellence in country living.

A lot of the craze is due to multiple DIY websites that offer a variety of rustic decor choices.

Today’s culture is looking for sensible ways to merge the classic beauty of country living, with urban contemporary elements. And who wouldn’t want to experience the best of both worlds?  Farmhouse’s are thought of as a quality of customized rural living, with the ambience of cozy eye catching scenic elements.

Who is the trend for and where did it begin?

Classical farm-homes are for those who love the idea of getting away to a bed and breakfast; or the imagery of crocheted comforters thrown across the bottom of the mattress on cold nights. From commercial to residential, interior decor has been highly inspired by the elements of the rustic country life. Outside of design, lifestyles are changing…. The 2016 movement to “eat clean” is also inspiring farm lands, home gardens, home cooking, herb growing and organics. The need for more space and more land is sought after now more than ever for these reasons. Farm homes are trending for many reasons, but especially due to the exuding warmth and welcoming feeling over the manufactured appearance of modern floorplans.

One of the defining principles of Farmhouse design is a simple design with without unnecessary ornamentation. “If it’s not useful then don’t have it” It’s the simple farm lifestyle, practical and frugal that inspires the design of these homes. This unpretentious mentality opens up many opportunities for designers to let go of the rigors and formalities of other styles. Iconic farm structures and elements like Silos, Haylofts, sliding door tracks etc. can all be composed in an artful manner to create a unique personality for your home.

“People prefer farmhouses to experience comfort in a second home, wherein they can also discover the joys of a country life” says Sanjita Singh.

Since 2005 – 2015 this trend has grown continuously without cease. It may be safe to say farmhouse or country house living is definitely here to stay. Bloggers are describing their homes from classic to quintessential; from roomy to charming; and just down-to-earth and lovable places to reside.

People are sharing their “American Farmhouse” decor elements all over the internet; even how to make the perfect lemonade with mint and fresh fruit floating at the top of the pitcher to place on your large farmhouse front porch.

If you would like to be a part of this growing trend of farmhouse lifestyle please contact us. See you soon!