Clark Kitchen Interior Lighting with white cabinets and black windows.

Choosing The Right Lighting

When designing your classic American Home, there are several features and design elements to consider. From ceiling to floor, building a home is extensive and paying very close attention to detail is essential to the final product of your dream home. Considering the accessories and function of every aspect of your newly built home is quite the task and having the right Central Ohio home builder to guide you is key to the success of your future.

Lighting is one of the key elements that can shape the mood and aesthetics of every room you walk in. There are several types of lights, but understanding where to place them and what they are made for is very important when designing your classic American home.

There are three types of lighting to consider when designing your space.

  1. Ambient Lighting – Ambient lighting is also known as general lighting. The priority for ambient lighting is to radiate a comfortable and overall level of brightness in a space. The overall illumination in a room serves as the primary source and can be accomplished with chandeliers, recessed, track lighting, large pendant lights, or even wall-mounted fixtures.
  2. Task Lighting – Task lighting is essential for the functionality of your tasks at hand. Whether you are reading a book in your bedroom or study, putting on your makeup in your bath vanity, or chopping veggies near your under cabinet lighting. When working with a Central Ohio home builder, consider how you will use each space before you begin selecting the proper task lighting for your home.
  3. Accent Lighting – Accent lighting is quite the entire design trick that adds the right amount of drama to a room. Designers often use task lighting to highlight a beautiful painting or an unusual texture or space in your home. Often, accent lighting would be track lighting or a wall sconce.

When designing your new home, it is imperative to understand every room and have a vision for space and how you and your family plan to spend their time in it. Think about where you want to hang your wedding photos. Consider what would make your life easier with getting dressed in the morning. If you and your spouse enjoy dinner and a movie at home, would you like for your lights to be dimmed?

There’s much to consider when purchasing lighting and our designers can help you tell the story of every detail in your classic American Home. If you are interested in an energy efficient floor plan, it is that much more important to have that conversation early on when selecting your lighting.

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