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Vinyl: It’s not just for records any more.

What is the difference between LVT, LVP and LVS? Vinyl flooring has come a long way! Offered in tiles, planks, and sheets, it is important to choose the right flooring for you and your family’s lifestyle. While they may seem a bit interchangeable, there is more to these products than meets the eye. Let’s explore. LVT […]

Kitchen Counters: The backdrop to the “main event” in your kitchen.

If cooking is the main event in your kitchen, your countertops are the backdrop to the festivities. Choosing a countertop surface that suits your lifestyle is one of the first steps in creating a functional kitchen. With so many options out there, it’s hard to know the differences. Read below to learn about common countertop […]

Carrollton Designer Plan – Redesigned

We followed the build of this redesigned Carrollton floor plan. Check it out! We are SUPER excited to share with you the professional photography of this redesigned Carrollton floor plan! Week #28 Update: The home is complete! Stay tuned for final photography and a virtual 360 tour! Week #27 Update:We can finally see the stair […]

Selecting Finishes for Your Custom Home

When it comes to selecting the finishes for your new American Heritage Home, we know how important it is to be detail-oriented. Everything matters, from the floor to the ceiling and everything in between. We realize this may be an intimidating process, which is why we have Designer on staff to guide you through the […]

New Interior Design Trends that You Need to Follow

January being the first month of a new year, demands new change, especially a change to the interior of your house. Each year unique aesthetic design and interior settings are introduced in the market. If you are looking forward to a new interior, then you are at a right place. Here you can find all […]

Five Things to Consider When Building Your New Home Office

With more American’s working from home, building a house with an office might be just what you are looking for! Below are five things to consider when building and personalizing an office in your new home. Location – Are you running a business? Will you be meeting with clients throughout the day? Consider putting your […]

Top Flooring Trends

In the process of building your energy efficient floor plan, you have given thought to many of the details that make your luxury newly built house a home. You may have considered all of the aesthetics from window treatments to landscaping. There is one detail in your home that covers the most extensive portion of […]

Kitchen Trends That Will Become Classics

Being a Central Ohio Homebuilder, it’s important for our designers to stay on top of the trends. Though we pride ourselves on building Classic American Farmhouses, we understand the balance between classic and contemporary. Often times when it comes to designing the perfect kitchen for our clients, we come across requests that are trending that […]

Choosing The Right Lighting

When designing your classic American Home, there are several features and design elements to consider. From ceiling to floor, building a home is extensive and paying very close attention to detail is essential to the final product of your dream home. Considering the accessories and function of every aspect of your newly built home is […]

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Building a Home

Providing the right home is one of the most important decisions that you will make for your family. You’re likely looking through magazines and Pinterest for ideas, and collecting images that will inspire this exciting feat in your life. However, there are many components to consider when you’re finding the right Central Ohio home builder […]

Farmhouses: Living the Lifelong Trend

The Farmhouse is a popular trend that is being described as the true model of excellence in country living. A lot of the craze is due to multiple DIY websites that offer a variety of rustic decor choices. Today’s culture is looking for sensible ways to merge the classic beauty of country living, with urban […]

If You’re Deciding Between Building vs. Buying

You are now at that point where you are considering a new home. You have heard stories about Central Ohio home builders, and stories about buying and maybe you aren’t too sure which direction to go in. Both seem to have their pros and cons, and knowing which one is right for you is the […]

Five Things to Consider When Building Your New Home…

Whether you are building or buying for your family, you hope to be in your new home for the long-haul. Central Ohio home builders put a lot of thought and work into their custom built homes. When your new home is completed, you want to make sure you’ve crossed every “t” and dotted every “i” […]