The AHH Design Studio


So, what can you personalize?  Everything. 

At American Heritage Homes, each home is personalized by the people who live in it.  In fact, in our nearly 30 years of experience, we’ve never built the same house twice!

From the kitchen to the bedrooms and even the bathrooms, every corner is yours to shape and mold. Fancy a rustic wood floor or maybe some snazzy tile? How about a luxurious whirlpool tub or a sleek shower? The choice is yours, and the sky is the limit!

With our Selections Coordinator by your side, every decision becomes an enjoyable exploration, ensuring that your selections align perfectly with your vision and your budget.

People are often amazed at how much they can personalize, which is why we get to know our customers.  So we can help them build a home around the things that are most important to them.  After all, our joy lies in helping you build a home that embraces what matters most to you.